Treloar Parent Association

All parents are automatically a member of the TPA if you are the parent/carer of a student at Treloar School or Treloar College - so welcome!

The role of the TPA is currently three fold:

  • Coordinates activities to raise funds for those little extras, beyond Treloar's own remit, which makes life more enjoyable for the students;
  • Provides parental feedback, good or bad, on School or College-related issues to the Senior Management Team, with whom we have regular meetings;
  • Takes up parents'/carers' issues with School or College which have not been resolved through the normal channels - anonymously where necessary;

In addition to which the Parent Governor sits on the Governing Board as a representative of the views of parents/carers, in a similar way to both the Staff and Student Governors.

In the past we have produced newsletters with information about Treloar's and disability products, holidays, services etc. We now report through a dedicated section in the Treloar Parent Newsletter which is sent out half-termly to all parents.

Can we remind parents that on the website there are useful links provided through the button 'LINKS' in the top right-hand corner of the main website, however we hope to provide a more informal insight to useful information for parents here in the TPA Section in the near future. Please do forward any relevant ideas or recommendations to us via

In addition, the TPA holds a meeting, open to all, at lunchtime on the Friday before each of the three half term holidays. This is open to all parents/carers and gives you a chance to meet other parents, share and learn from other's experiences and have something to eat. We also normally welcome the input of at least one of the Senior Management Team at this meeting.