Enabling Education

A whole range of programmes with all the support you need to succeed

Our aim is to help all students achieve their full potential, independently, socially and academically – and at the same time, help them become more self-assured. In that way they can make realistic and achievable choices about their future - whether that's getting a job, further studies or simply living more independently.

We offer a very broad range of programmes from Interactive and Sensory, Entry Level to Vocational and Advanced level programmes. Please click here to view our Course Information booklet.

As well as all the onsite courses, we have close links with Alton College, just a mile down the road – so students can choose to do some or all of their studies there.

A holistic education

To get the most from a student's education, he or she needs to be comfortable, able to concentrate and enjoy what they're doing. So a lot of our work, alongside our teaching programme, is to make sure that underlying issues – such as posture, seating, mobility, communication and confidence – are addressed.

Our therapists, residential support staff and other specialist colleagues work with each student alongside his or her teachers to focus on removing any barriers to learning, seen or unseen, to create a level playing field that gives our young people the best possible opportunities to learn.

Enabling education by integrating care

Whatever a student’s disability our priority is to help them make the most of their time at the College. Providing excellent medical facilities and enabling students through adaptive technology allow them to participate as fully as possible in their education and social activities.

‘The Wave’ Universal, Targeted, Specialist (UTS) Model used at Treloar’s identifies support interventions for students which are tailored to individual needs and delivered by staff with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time, thus enabling students to maximise their education throughout the waking day curriculum, both in and out of the classroom.

Under the UTS model each student will have a Provision Map which will:

  • Identify what support intervention is required, whether:
    • universal - (delivered by non-clinical staff to support students’ needs e.g. physical, postural, communication, health and clinical services input that supports all students)
    • targeted (short-term group or individual input which will then be handed over to other staff and input aimed at a particular group of students) or
    • specialist (distinctive intervention for an individual student, usually provided on a one to one basis by a specialist)
  • Illustrate how input is delivered using an integrated or blended approach across all our teams and throughout the waking day curriculum
  • Target provision that assists students to become more independent, to lead active lives and achieve educational goals whilst not becoming reliant on specialist provision
  • Be used as a learning planning tool which is reviewed every 6 weeks
  • Feeds into the student’s goals and targets.


Students at Treloar College have a wide spectrum of physical, learning, communication, language and sensory difficulties. The sensory range extends from profound deafness or visual impairment through to lesser levels of loss, which may only be temporary. Other students will have multi-sensory difficulties alongside associated physical difficulties and many students will have learning difficulties and disabilities with some with profound multiple learning difficulties (PMLD).

All students entering the college have a range of assessments to assist them to select the most appropriate studies. We offer a number of learner pathways dependent on the abilities and achievements of each individual student.

Sensory & Interactive Group
Creative & Enterprise Pathway
Vocational Studies
Pathway to Work

Our Flexible Offer

Bespoke timetables involving between one and five days at College which can include any number of residential nights.

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