Our Curriculum

Enabling education, acknowledging success

At Treloar's, we educate, care for and support young people in partnership with many others. Above all we care passionately about our students' welfare and future plans. As part of this process, we keep in regular contact with parents and carers.

Parents and carers play an important role in helping children achieve their goals. At Treloar's we involve them as much as possible. Good communication is vital in supporting young people in education, and we regularly keep parents informed of developments concerning their sons and daughters.

Opportunities for review include:

  • Annual Review meetings
  • Parents' Days: an opportunity to discuss progress with the multi-disciplinary team
  • Updated Individual Education Plans (IEPs), available for parents to view via the Parent Portal.
  • Student reports, which are sent home once a year before the Annual Review meeting

To ensuring involvement we have:

  • Home-School communication books for both education and care
  • Parents' Forum
  • Home-School Agreement

Personal commitment

Staff are happy to hold more specific meetings if there is a particular need or change of circumstances. This is often done in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team that supports the student: education, care, residential, therapy and medical.

Enabling education by integrating care

Whatever a student’s disability our priority is to help them make the most of their time at the School. Providing excellent medical facilities and enabling students through adaptive technology allow them to participate as fully as possible in their education and social activities.

‘The Wave’ Universal, Targeted, Specialist (UTS) Model used at Treloar’s identifies support interventions for students which are tailored to individual needs and delivered by staff with the right skills, in the right place and at the right time, thus enabling students to maximise their education throughout the waking day curriculum, both in and out of the classroom.

Under the UTS model each student will have a Provision Map which will:

  • Identify what support intervention is required, whether:
    • universal - (delivered by non-clinical staff to support students’ needs e.g. physical, postural, communication, health and clinical services input that supports all students)
    • targeted (short-term group or individual input which will then be handed over to other staff and input aimed at a particular group of students) or
    • specialist (distinctive intervention for an individual student, usually provided on a one to one basis by a specialist)
  • Illustrate how input is delivered using an integrated or blended approach across all our teams and throughout the waking day curriculum
  • Target provision that assists students to become more independent, to lead active lives and achieve educational goals whilst not becoming reliant on specialist provision
  • Be used as a learning planning tool which is reviewed every 6 weeks
  • Feeds into the student’s goals and targets.

Parental communication

We have a parental area on our website which provides news, diary, policies etc, through which you can follow the activities at school. In addition, we have a parent portal which provides secure password protection access to your student's personal records.