Planning for the Future

As well as achieving qualifications, we want our students to gain the confidence and independence they need to move onto the next step in their lives – whether that's continuing within the School sixth form, a residential placement, returning home to continue studying at a local college, or moving onto Treloar College.

Our School Transition Workers work with students and their parents to help them consider all the options and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Transition Workers will work alongside students from Year 9 to help them think about their feelings and any concerns they may have about moving on.

In addition, students in Years 9, 10 and 11 plus also work with occupational therapists, who can help with domestic, community, social and inter-personal skills, as well as perception and memory issues. Our ultimate aim is to help our students feel as prepared and well-equipped as possible when they leave us.

"Students are extremely well-prepared for leaving school and receive comprehensive guidance about their next steps. They are well-supported in their transitions to further education and independent living".
OFSTED report, 2014

What needs to happen when?

How to plan

It's a good idea to plan ahead for what your son or daughter is going to do after Treloar School. We are very fortunate to have the Sixth Form and Treloar College as options, but demand for places is strong, and there is no direct entry from School to Treloar post-16 provision.

We recommend that our students look at all the options available to them. Here's a rough guide of what needs to happen.

Year 9 - fact finding and planning ahead

Every student will have a transition plan, following their Annual Educational Review (which is known as a transition review).

Each student is allocated a Personal Adviser from their local authority. They are invited to attend the student's Annual Reviews.

Year 10 – visits, interviews, and the funding process begins

Transition workers will help students and their parents understand their choices and provide them with prospectuses for colleges they might be interested in.

The transition plan will be reviewed at this point and we encourage students and their parents - even if the preference is for the student to transition to post-16 provision at Treloar's - to explore their local post-16 provision. Parents will be assisted in this by the student's personal adviser from their local authority.

Year 11 – preparing for the transition, and making funding applications

It helps to be aware of our students' plans as early as possible, so we always hold Annual Reviews for Year 11 students in the autumn.

The personal adviser or the LEA Case Officer needs to make funding applications after the Annual Review has taken place. The Transition Worker will continue to work closely with the student's family and personal adviser throughout this process.

The School Transition workers will continue to work with any student and their family throughout their time in the Sixth Form and for up to six months beyond this point.